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Mahjong 3D

Meet the new Mahjong 3D – a game with a three-dimensional pyramid that can be rotated for a better perception.

Each level of Mahjong 3D is represented by a three-dimensional pattern of cubes located in the center of the screen. You can easily expand the figure using the side arrows and view the hidden tiles.
Features of 3D mahjong

The game is focused on speed, visual special effects and easy control. You can evaluate your progress and get bonuses for combos (removing the same tiles several times in a row). The game has 7 worlds, consisting of 18 3D mahjong challenges with increasing difficulty.

Some puzzles are clicker-like, so easy to play, while others require you to deftly turn the 3D shape around without losing speed.
How to play

The goal is to clear the board as fast as you can. To do this, rotate the pyramid and click the tiles. First, tap one cube to highlight it, and then tap the second one, which has an identical image. The game has the standard rules of Mahjongg solitaire. This means that you can only remove tiles that are not blocked by others.