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Mahjong Quest 3

If you combine the game “Shanghai Mahjong” with a quest, add bonuses and obstacles from “three in a row”, you will get a unique puzzle “Mahjong Quest 3“! It will appeal to experimenters and fans of classic mahjong with Chinese calligraphy tiles.

Welcome to “Mahjong Quest 3” – play online for free in the most complete version, without downloading keys and registering. Only “Mahjong Quest” offers to play in 4 worlds, according to the number of cardinal points. Each has its own game mode, special challenge and victory conditions.

How to play Mahjong Quest 3

Before you are tiles laid out on the board in various configurations, your task is to get rid of them, completely clearing the field.

Match identical tiles or flower tiles with any other flower tiles (seasons with all seasons). Just playing is enough, right? Do not rush to conclusions, the main difficulty of the mahjong quest is that most of the tiles are covered by others. To be selected, the top face and one of the vertical sides of the tile must be free.

According to traditional rules, the object of the game is to clear the board by matching all the tiles. And in the mahjong modes “puzzle” and “quest” you need to reach the goal by matching bright yellow game tiles. In some cases, you need to find not two, but three identical tiles or find a match between yin and yang. Or complete the quest with the help of magical skills. Dive into the adventure and choose the challenge yourself.

Quest for time – mahjong with a countdown timer.

Mahjong quest without time is a classic online board game with no limits.

Mahjong Quest “Adventure” and “Puzzle” are interesting by adding game tiles and bonuses directly to the game.

Balloon, appears at level 1 in adventure and puzzle modes – is removed without player intervention, freeing the side of the standard tile that could be “unplayable”.
Fireworks and Wall are new Tier 3 pairing tiles. Match them in color to get an explosion.
The ice cube evaporates if one side of the tile is opened.
The earthquake divides the mahjong tiles along the fault line, which increases the number of matches!
A magnet matched to any level 10 tile removes it.
Typhoon destroys all touching chips.

Game tiles appear in the Quest and Puzzle Mahjong modes, another feature that distinguishes these modes from the classic Mahjong Solitaire.

Try to increase the number of available tiles: when there is a choice between two tiles, choose the one that will open at least one edge of the adjacent piece.
Remove long horizontal rows or deep vertical stacks first, they can hide the tiles you need.
The timer does not start until you touch the tile, before making a move, examine the playing field.