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Mahjong Chain

Mahjong Chain is a traditional chinese board game. It consists of tablets with hieroglyphs, which are laid out on the playing field, shirts up, in the form of a pyramid or a simple platform. The goal of the game of mahjong is to disassemble the figure by removing cards with paired images from it, but only those that are on top and have already been opened.

If you love all kinds of mind games and you like to pump up your mindfulness and concentration abilities, then the Mahjong series games are the best to offer you! For convenience, expand Mahjong Chain in full screen and immerse yourself in contemplation. This game helps not only to develop some useful qualities, but also works as a means for calming and meditation. You do not need to rush anywhere and comply with any standards.

All you need is to slowly look for paired drawings and by clicking on them one by one, remove them from the playing field. You will win if you manage to unlock all the tiles without exception.