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Mahjong Animals

Experience the hit “Mahjong Animals  Connect” (Connect it): here you can connect the animals in your own way! Before you is not just a “time killer”, but a colorful and exciting brain simulator. The game develops attention and logic, helps to concentrate and guarantees a comfortable pastime!

The main goal of Mahjong Connect is to connect the animals and clear the playing field, while the player has free modifications and the ability to create his own connection scheme. The usual Mahjong settings – play in full screen, ignore time, get hints or mix pictures – are standard throughout all levels and some of them do not resume. But the improved animal connect game works on the option slot system. The player has 5 “nests” and the right to collect a set of the most necessary bonuses in the game shopping.

How to play

Connect all pairs of level animals to clear the field. Coins are awarded for successful completion. This is not only an indicator of experience, as in the classic connect game, but also a game currency, something like a cheat code that unlocks convenient conditions. At the start of the game, the number of upgrades is standard, they are all collected in the “Items” block.
Bonus types:

CATCH – play with hints (the game highlights a paired animal);
FREESE – a period of playing mahjong without time;
MIX – mixing pictures to get new pairs;
BUMP – remove sections with a sledgehammer;
LASER – allows you to connect the animals with a laser flash.

For 30 coins, you can buy any improvement and even change the completeness: remove options from the slots that you don’t use and get the ones you need.

How to create your “Mahjong Connect”

Here is the most complete version of the famous game “Mahjong Connect” and you can connect the animals here in more than 100 types of layouts, with a different number of paired animals. Everything can be played online and for free, at any time. With the mahjong creation function in the PLAY MY PUZZLES editor, you can set the block placement pattern, the game will add paired pictures of your choice of difficulty. The higher it is, the more species of animals and fewer repeated pairs