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Pokemons Mahjong

Hurry up to the Pokemon game – play free online mahjong with traditional rules and an unusual style! As you might expect, in the “Pokemon” mahjong, the usual tiles are replaced by funny Pokemon figures, Pokeballs and other attributes from the manga of the same name. Otherwise, this is one hundred percent mahjong with a multi-tiered structure – a game of finding matching pairs of pictures.

Most of the tiles in Pokemon Mahjong match a number/picture combination in the style of the main pocket monsters: Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. For example, you can see the water Pokemon Squirtle in nine types of dominoes numbered from 1 to 9. But in this version of the game there are also special tiles without numbering, they are very useful in that they can connect with each other even without matching the depicted symbols.

The task is to find and eliminate identical and unlocked mahjong pairs within a certain time. The configuration of the pyramids is the most diverse and changes in each level, be careful when choosing a strategy! Each unlocked hero increases the chances of winning!
How to play

According to the generally accepted rules of mahjong, only tiles that are not covered by other fragments can be used if they have a free edge on the left or right side.

There are several reasons to play Pokémon Mahjong: it’s a great test of logic, observation skills, and concentration. If you prove yourself well in the game, you can safely claim the role of a mahjong master. Even unsuccessful levels are very useful: by eliminating Pokemon matches, you analyze the situation and make a decision depending on the prospects of the move. This trains the ability to concentrate. In the next game, you will pick up pairs more carefully and quickly come to a common goal – the complete analysis of the pyramid.